In Fasteners Distribution we specialize in screws, both in their manufacture and in the distribution of them. We are specialists in the manufacture of screws up to M-12, providing a wide range of types: hezagonales, Allen, metals, etc. Our 25 years of experience corroborate an enormous quality, both in industrial and special fasteners as well as in construction.

Below you can see the different ranges of screws that Fasteners offer:

General Construction


Essential for construction

Metal buildings


Applied for use with Allen wrenches

Metal buildings


For fastenings on metal places and material

Metal buildings


For drilling in metal and other hard materials

Metal buildings

Drill bit

Auger and fixed metal to metal, metal-wood and metal-tablayeso without problem

Metal buildings

Wood thread

For wood and fixings with plastic cleats.

Metal buildings


We expand our range

Metal buildings


Quality with high demands