The rivets are metal rods that have a cylinder-shaped head and spike and are used to join at least two pieces composed of materials such as metal or wood, among others.

At Fasteners Distribution we offer a wide range Of rivets for fixing of several pieces.

These are our products:

DIN - 931

Standard Rivet ALUM / STEEL

Blind rivets of aluminum / steel stem break

DIN - 931

Standard Rivet ALUM / STEEL Lacquered

Blind rivets made of aluminum / lacquered steel

DIN - 931

Standard Rivet INOX / INOX

Blind rivets stainless steel / stainless steel

DIN - 931

Standard Rivet Wide Head

Wide-head blind rivets

DIN - 931

Watertight Rivet

For solid and high quality fixings

DIN - 931

Structural Rivet

For high strength, both tensile and shear

DIN - 931

Rivet Flower

With rear surface of support in the form of flower

DIN - 931

Multigrip Rivet

For single-sided access

DIN - 931

Wide head rivet nut

For joining thin steel sheets

DIN - 931

Flat head rivet nut

Safety on fastenings

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